Sunday, June 11, 2017

Snell’s amazing comeback

 Former BJ Roger Snell thinks he finally has a handle on his health problems.

Roger Snell
Roger lives in Frankfurt, Kentucky with wife Linda and daughters Rachel and Hannah and administers a marketing program called Kentucky Proud that helps farmers transition away from tobacco and find retail markets for alternative crops such as fruits, vegetables and more.

 For more than two years his immune system attacked his cerebellum and brain stem and stopped his breathing when he felt asleep. He was “on death’s doorstep,” as Roger put it.

He found a doctor who rebuilds an immune system after cancer and chemo without prescriptions but with vitamins, minerals, nutriets and diet.

In four days, Roger reports, the holistic plan stopped 30 days of dehydration and serious stomach problems. Within seven days, a body-wide rash that has been with him for years quit itching. In 10 days, the rash began healing. In 14 days, it “virtually disappeared” and Roger’s sugar readings dropped so low that he stopped his diabetes medications he had been taking for 8 years.

Roger reports: “I went from bedridden to wheelchair to walker in three weeks.” Now Roger is using only walking sticks.

Snell won a number of awards throughout his 18-year newspaper career, including the Silver Gavel, the American Bar Association’s top national journalism award, in 1992 for his investigation of ethical abuses on the Ohio Supreme Court. The Ohio Academy of Trial Lawyers named Snell the Ohio Reporter of the Year in 1992 and 1993.

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