Monday, January 16, 2017

David Hertz. Hip, hip. Horray?
Hip replacement for Hertz

It’s David Hertz’s turn to have hospital surgery.

Wife Beth Thomas Hertz had rotator cuff surgery in 2015 even though she’s never been a major league baseball pitcher.

David is at Akron General, now under Cleveland Clinic’s wing, for right hip replacement surgery.

David, who went from 15 years at the BJ as business and metro editor among other titles to become a vice president in the media relations department of Dix& Eaton in Cleveland, has plenty of company.

Hip replacements went from 138,700 a year in 2000 to 310,800 by 2010.

Knee replacements are about double hip replacements.

Beth, who was at the BJ for 4 years, later wrote:

“Pleased to report that David Hertz has just been moved from the recovery room to a regular bed, where he will spend the next few days. He's in a bit of pain but the surgeon says the operation went very well. Thank you for all the well wishes today!!!”  

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