Thursday, March 24, 2016

Everyone exits Observer building forever

The Charlotte Observer has left the building.

Elvis wasn’t there to observe the wake, aka party thrown at 600 S. Tryon Street on Thursday.

The newspaper is moving out of the building it has lived in since 1970, on the spot where the newspaper has been published since 1927.

Hundreds of people filled the lobby -- Pulitzer winners, million dollar ad salespeople.

A few years ago the paper sold the building to its parent company’s pension fund, and the pension fund sold it to developers for a probable razing and modern building on the site.

They’re leaving because the staff needs only a fraction of the space. The Observer has shed employees by the hundreds like newspapers all over America, including the BJ.

BJ management considered moving out of the 44 E. Exchange Street building since it’s down to fewer than 60 in a newsroom that once held 250, but Black Press couldn’t find a buyer for the building.

So instead they paved Paradise and put in a parking lot where we once zipped up and down the parking deck every day.

And have two empty floors.

The day the BJ parking deck died and they put in a parking lot


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