Monday, November 09, 2015

Carney reports on Carney

Retired BJ reporter and sometime radio show sub Jim Carney is home after the fusion surgery on his back.

Like the good reporter that he is, Jim gives an excellent detailed report of his situation:

“Got home from Crystal Clinic: St. Thomas Late Sat afternoon. The surgery went well.

Jim dandy and KT
“Dr. Richard Brower fused my lower back - L3/4 L4/5. My back still hurts at the incision - 6 inches long / and at the 3 inch incision where he took a bone graft from my pelvis. Those are big incisions!

“I have bad spinal stenosis and Dr. Browser straightened the lowest part of my spinal column. Have bad asthma and coughing up stuff from the four-hour surgery has been hard. It is like trying to cough with a bruised rib.

“I am wearing a back brace during the day when sitting or standing or walking. Previous to surgery I could not stand or walk bad nerve pain in my leg that came on in a minute or two. I walked 6 minutes in the house Sunday and there was no pain. A true miracle! No bending, lifting or twisting!

“Thanks to all who said a prayer and to all the bright lights at the hospital from Dr. Brewer to the nurses and aides. Everyone was terrific. The recovery feels like it is progressing steady every day.”

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